Keeping the supply chain open and flowing: COVID-19 Global Update

Coronavirus affects global logistics business and continues to evolve.
DSV is open for business and dedicated to keeping the supply chain flowing.

Q & A about Coronavirus - Answers to the most urgent and common questions

We are keeping supply chains running, but some disruption is unavoidable.

As the situation continues to evolve and more countries are affected, DSV is well-prepared for keeping supplies moving – especially for high priority items such as medicines, protective clothing and food. 

COVID-19 Latest Updates: 

COVID-19 continues to evolve and affect many aspects of daily life including supply chains. This has already impacted several countries severely for weeks.

This is not business as usual for us, our customers, or business partners. There will be disruptions of supply chains, but we will do our part to keep the supply chains open. DSV Panalpina is part of the critical infrastructure globally. We are well prepared for the challenging task ahead and aim to maintain operations as close to normal as possible. We remain strongly committed to mitigate the potential impact on our customers' supply chains as much as we can. All the time while ensuring the safety of our employees and other business partners. 

CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen

We follow the guidance provided by the WHO and national authorities such as Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Health Authorities in the countries where DSV is operating and obey imposed restrictions.

DSV Panalpina's Executive Crisis Committee oversee all key activities during this critical period to ensure that the entire organization is aligned and to keep stakeholders informed.

We are continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation across the globe. This page will be regularly updated in order to keep our customers and suppliers informed and to keep our employees safe. 

For further details, please contact your local DSV representative.