We are transparent

Our work reflects on you. Let us give you a window to our operations

VELUX insists on transparency in its products as well as its business, which suits us well.

Lighting a room takes more than punching a hole in the roof

The logistics behind making VELUX windows is complex; requiring perfectly synchronized delivery of raw materials, components and the finished windows from suppliers across the globe and between more than twenty factories in Europe alone. Customers can order over 15,000 product configurations that are often produced on several locations before being assembled at a factory near the customer. And every window is delivered within days of receiving the order.

The only way to do this with the highest precision and lowest cost is by measuring and reporting on every link in the chain. So DSV makes sure VELUX is always perfectly informed by using a bespoke IT dashboard with live reporting of key numbers and by extensive reporting, analysis and mutual feedback.

We have specialised factories in many different countries, and everything needs to fit together and be delivered on time. That is only possible if we can track and measure every transaction with absolute transparency. DSV is working towards delivering both the quality and transparency we expect.

- Peter Kragh Knudsen, SVP Facility and Logistics, VELUX Group

That is why we at DSV are responsible for global raw supply from such diverse places as Sweden, Canada and China. Why we drive components to and from VELUX factories all across Europe, manage warehouses, deliver windows to customers and even handle other transport suppliers to create a single point of contact.

Discovery and development never stops

An impressive product line is not a static thing. VELUX constantly explores light in relation to the way we live, naturally moving into the fields of sustainability, architecture, construction techniques and human health. The company culture thrives on discovering, sharing and using new knowledge to optimise both products and production processes.

DSV has an entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and a willingness to openly report and discuss issues that suits our business model, so we cooperate with DSV in an increasing number of areas.

- Peter Kragh Knudsen, SVP Facility and Logistics, VELUX Group

At DSV we are happy to grow alongside VELUX, sharing information and learning along the way.

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