DSV Protect

Your Safety Net Against the Unforeseen

At DSV, we are committed to ensuring that your shipments are taken care of. However, we recognize that some situations beyond our control can ultimately lead to the loss of or damage to your cargo. Theft, natural calamities and carrier negligence are just a few examples of what can take place during transit.

That’s why we’re introducing a new service called DSV Protect to give you peace of mind if the unexpected happens.

DSV Protect provides the best possible level of service in the event of a physical loss or damage. As a standalone or a compliment to your existing third-party coverages, your cargo is automatically covered up to $5,000 CAD during DSV’s care and custody for a flat rate of $5 CAD per shipment. 

Our dedicated staff will assist you through the claim processing steps, providing an enhanced claims-handling experience including settlement within 7 days after a complete claim is submitted. 

DSV Protect Benefits

Peace of Mind
Worry less about your cargo
during transport with
DSV Protect

First Risk Coverage
If you are already insured, 
DSV Protect will automatically 
cover what your existing insurer  deducts 
 Claims Handled Within 7 Days
 You work with DSV from the
 moment a loss or damage
 is discovered; cases are
 typically settled within 7 days
 No Weight Restrictions
 DSV Protect provides up to $5,000
 in compensation regardless
 of a shipment’s weight

No Excess / Deductible
The coverage does not
reduce your compensation 
with deductible

Worldwide Coverage
DSV Protect follows
your shipment’s incoterms
regardless of destination or origin

DSV Protect covers shipment loss or damage in circumstances such us:

 *Rain  *Windstorm/Hurricanes
*Flooding  *Fault of Carrier  *Force Majeure

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