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As a logistics professional, the most important value you can provide to your company is the freedom to pursue any business strategy – knowing that your logistics team can help make it happen. With DSV as your partner and team, we’ll get you there.

Industry insight breeds innovation

Through substantial investments in warehouse and freight management systems, we have developed industry-specific solutions for key industry sectors. We excel at designing and delivering solutions that facilitate and boost your sales and maximize profits.

Our teams possess in-depth knowledge and experience in each of our five key industry sectors:

Consumer products

We understand the dynamics, challenges and needs of the consumer products industry. Our retail supply chain module, integrated services and technological capabilities will increase your productivity and improve efficiency. We provide high visibility and transparency across all processes, enabling you to focus on your core business.


We have extensive experience with industrial chemical, construction, wholesale and manufacturing sectors. We operate industrial facilities specially equipped for storing hazardous goods, tires, food ingredients and odd-sized equipment. Specific services for the industrial segment include; repackaging, drum filling, hazardous goods labeling and transport management.


In a continuously changing and innovating industry, healthcare’s precision focus on high quality and regulatory demands requires tailor-made supply chain management. Our end-to-end solutions encompass the entire chain from raw material management to final delivery, including return processes.


The high-tech industry is characterized by shortening product life cycles, eroding product prices and globalization issues. These concerns emphasize the importance of a cost-effective, flexible and safe supply chain. We offer customized vendor managed inventory solutions, flash software/firmware, hi-tech assembly lines and product testing in clean-room environments.


We have proven experience in the automotive industry worldwide. Where innovation is essential and delivery is critical, we continuously adapt our solutions to meet client challenges and serve all primary market segments.

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