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We help you plan and execute your global logistics operations. From warehousing to eCommerce fulfillment, we’ll get you there.

DSV is a global logistics provider that helps companies, big and small, plan and execute efficient logistics operations throughout the world.
In North America, we have a strategic focus on consumer products distribution. If you’re a mid-market retailer or brand owner that’s looking to grow, having DSV on your side could make all the difference.

Our Solutions


At DSV, we provide warehousing and logistics services across North America to help brand owners and retailers get products to market quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our specialty is helping you grow by eliminating logistics barriers to strategy execution.

We recognize your need for flexibility to optimize your logistics. Using one of our 60 multi user warehouses enables you to quickly respond to market changes, expanding or reducing inventory levels at variable cost.

We find the right location for storing and handling your goods. This ensures that your goods are optimally stored in the warehouse and handled in the most cost efficient way possible. We provide industry-specific solutions depending on your product and market needs.

Our warehousing solutions include:

  • Inbound Logistics Services
  • Warehouse Storage Services
  • Outbound Logistics Services
  • IT Automation

eCommerce Fulfillment

With the rapid rise of eCommerce, supply chains have become far more complex.

DSV is uniquely qualified to help adapt, evolve and grow your logistics models to efficiently service all of your sales channels. We are channel-agnostic, managing retail and online orders from a co-mingled inventory pool.

Our eCommerce fulfillment capabilities include:

  • High-velocity pick systems that minimize labour
  • Easy integration to ERP and eCommerce platforms
  • Value-add services – kitting, wrapping, inserts, you name it– to customize the brand experience
  • Parcel management capabilities and rates that reduce shipping costs


What logistics solution is right for you?

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