Self-Service Solutions

Our self-service Transportation Management System called myTMS is an advanced software solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage all transportation activities in a single application. myTMS has been designed to be easy to use and produces optimization results that will help dramatically reduce your shipping costs while simplifying your transportation workflows. 

With myTMS, you have a partner who can offer guidance and oversight while you steer your shipments where and when you need them delivered. If you can benefit from a systemic approach to optimizing shipments, DSV will work with you to find the best transportation strategy to meet your requirements.

  • Consolidation of freight to take advantage of rate breaks, where appropriate
  • Client negotiated rates and requirements which are used to create solutions, along with the flexibility of utilizing DSV rates if required
  • Audit capability including the ability to allocate cost at shipment level by weight
  • Solutions for both inbound and outbound distribution

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